Brighton SEO April 2018

Brighton SEO has built a reputation as one of the world’s leading SEO conferences. Attendees flock from around the globe to check out all the latest insights in search engine optimisation. Personalities from Google, Bing, Moz, SEM Rush and Deepcrawl regularly attend.

Here are some reasons why Brighton SEO 2018 deserves a big shout out:

The Vibe

On entry there was an instant buzz of energy with everyone there to learn, engage and enjoy the day’s events. With a vast array of activities set up at lunchtime there’s a great chance for networking with software traders. This year’s most popular stalls included SEM Rush, Deepcrawl, Ninja Cat and Botify.

The Talks

This year’s speakers shared both practical and useful information that can be easily actioned by most SEO folk. There was a range of talks that delved deeper into the core principles of SEO, technical insights and how the future looks for SEO.

Some of our favourites:

How Metrics and Data Drive Advocacy Effectiveness

Getting your content noticed amongst the thousands of blogs and articles published daily is a daunting task. Steve Rayson from BuzzSumo and Giles Palmer from Brandwatch discussed the best way to amplify your content and why you should be its biggest advocate.

Technical SEO in the Mobile First Indexing Era

With the current switch to a mobile-first index, how is Google going to look at your website? What technical aspects do you need to optimise to ensure your site continues to rank and grow in mobile search? Barry Adams talked about technical SEO issues that specifically affect the mobile-first index, such as internal link structure, page layout, structured data, AMP, and hreflang tags for international sites.

The Ray Stantz Guide to Real World Linkbuilding

Instead of the normal “create something and use it to get tons of links” that the big agency people always talk about, Greg Gifford explained how local links are much easier to get, and much more valuable for Local SEO. He walked us through the process of getting local links at a granular level – not as much about ideas as the actual process. He guided the audience through the grind of getting valuable local links. His visual presentation was based on an 80s movie theme and there were lots of references to this throughout the talk.

The Knowledge

If you are a marketing and SEO specialist then this is a fantastic opportunity to refresh your industry knowledge. There is always room to learn more and Mobile First was a big hit this year and easily got the most crowds. Local Search is a key part to many strategies offered to SME’s. Social sharing of content is dramatically decreasing while referrals from Google head in the opposite direction meaning there has never been a time when SEO is more important to your digital marketing strategy.

We certainly plan to take the trip to Brighton next time. Whatever your level of SEO expertise, Brighton SEO is a must go event to get all the latest within the industry. We hope to see you there!

If you would like to discuss how SEO can help to grow your business, please get in touch.